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Monday, September 15, 2008

Grandma Eyre

Yesterday, September 14th was both of my grandmas' birthdays. I'm going to write my memories of both of them today. I'll start with the grandma I have the fewest memories of.

My Grandma Eyre (my mom's mom) born in 1907, would have been 101. She died in 1985 from cancer, just 4 days short of her 78th birthday when I was 7.

Left to Right: my sister, Grandpa Eyre, me, Grandma Eyre, my brother
(approx. 1981 at their home in Las Vegas, NV)

My memories of my Grandma Eyre mostly revolve around old family Christmas videos mixed with pictures, mixed with a few memories here and there. Here they are:
  • She always wore a house dress (my brother kept one to remember her by).
  • She made us all warm, soft flannel blankets.
  • We visited them each summer and went swimming in their community pool.
  • The mobile home park they lived in when I was little had a green tree symbol as its car pass.
  • I can remember her voice (I would guess due to the videos).
  • It seems like she called me Nanny, or something.
  • I can remember my grandparents big silver car.
  • I remember meeting them halfway between Las Vegas and our home in California once so they didn't have to drive all the way and she was too excited to wait to give me my present... yellow blankey, my favorite childhood blanket ever.
  • It's her siblings, of my distant relatives, that I know best- her sisters, sort of my adoptive grandmas as I grew up.

Both of my mom's parents were diagnosed with cancer at about the same time and came to live with us in California before they died. My job was to sit in the reclining chair in my grandparent's bedroom watching cartoons and if my grandma tried to get out of bed I had to go get my mom. I suppose I was her guard. My Grandma and Grandpa Eyre died just a few months apart from each other and I was able to attend both their funerals. All I remember is thousands and thousands of grasshoppers in that cemetery in Minersville, Utah for one of their funerals.

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Angela said...

I love that picture of you with grandma eyre. didn't you used to have it up in our room? btw I think I live near Dan, his wife keeps putting pictures up of places they live near and I live near them too...I want to find out, but I feel weird asking someone I don't know where they live.

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