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Monday, September 22, 2008

Christmas Shopping

image from thecoloringspot.com

It's official, the craziness has begun. I've purchased my first Christmas presents of the year... and it's still September. I hate that stores start decorating and advertising for Christmas long before Halloween (because then my kids start their lists, and they have three months to grow), but I'm one of those people who starts shopping early. Partially to spread out the Christmas cost. Partially to get good deals. And partially because I absolutely love buying presents. I've bought two stocking stuffers and two of Buddy's presents.

Princess Sparkley and Buddy got it into their heads the other day that they should write their Christmas lists. (Probably from some store with holiday decorations out already... TARGET. Argh.)

Here are their lists.
Princess Sparkley:
Art Kit
a Barbie Book
a coat
a workbook
cards made at home

Buddy's list:
snow boots
a train book
a sword(this was a late addition when he saw that Jed had thrown away his broken sword. He saw it in the trash and Jed told him he could ask for it for Christmas, and Buddy said in a really sad, whiny voice, "But it's not on my list.")

I thought these were pretty decent lists. Let's just hope they don't keep growing because everything else is going on the list for Grandmas and Grandpas.


Shannon said...

Sounds like you could find a lot of these gifts at affordable prices :)

Angela said...

I wish Adam's Christmas list had tape and crayons on it instead of really expensive hunting gear. He, like your kids, has already started his list. Oh and btw Rexburg weather is closer to Alaska I think than Utah. Apparently my neighbors door froze shut last year, and they went 3 weeks without the temp. rising about zero even in the middle of the day.

Cristin said...

I like shopping early because you can always find things cheaper online... but I am irritated that stores already have Christmas decorations for sale. It's too early.

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