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Monday, September 08, 2008


Baby X. 7 months and a little bit.

I can't even count the number of times I've thought, "sure, my kid with the heart problem is the most active of them all... great." Baby X rolled over at three months. He scooted at 6 months, has mastered crawling at 7 months. And before I can even adjust my life to him just crawling wherever he pleases in the house, he goes and decides to pull himself up to standing. Yikes. So the haven of the coffee table for all loose papers (his favorite) and other tiny things Baby X can't have is no longer a haven. He's so happy and proud of himself for getting up there. And today when I washed his sheets I thought, "he hasn't tried standing up in the crib yet, but while I have the mattress out I might as well lower it." And just now when I went to give him his binky back, he was kneeling in his crib holding onto the bars, looking very proud of himself. He is a busy kid. Constantly on the move. Constantly chasing after his older brother and sister. I put the gate at the top of the stairs and he crawls over to it, presses his face up to it and tries to see Princess Sparkley and Buddy who he can hear playing down there... without him. How dare they! He also loves hanging out at the bottom step, but he gets stuck there, cries, we help him down, and then he crawls right back. Before the gate was there, he'd completely ignored the steps, and then one day all of a sudden he was three steps up. So now he just hangs out by the gate longing for that freedom.

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wendys said...

I love the bathtub picture, he looks so relaxed!

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