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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm not a fan of confrontation, so bargaining with people at garage sales or in Tijuana is not my thing. Yesterday I sold Princess Sparkley's Princess bike that I'd had listed on Craigslist. I listed it for $35, ended up selling it for $28.25 (I didn't have the right change so the guy paid 25 cents more). I hate having to bargain. The bike is three years old but rarely rarely rarely ever used. It's spent most of its life indoors. She outgrew it before she learned to peddle it. But this guy was a foreigner, without a car, who had just moved to Kansas, and was telling me he hadn't received his first paycheck yet, etc. And then he was being all nit picky about the little foam decorative piece between the handlebars and how the edges were cracked/frayed. Argh. He was going to give me $25. I talked him up to $28. But I hate having to deal with all of it. The other two things I've sold on Craigslist (a jogging stroller and a baby swing) were easy, the person just showed up and paid me what I was asking for. Deal done. No stress or panic for me. Oh well, at least he didn't kill me, which is always a secret concern in the back of my head when I have to meet a stranger in situations like this.


Jamie said...

Seriously, whenever someone knocks on our door or rings the doorbell whether I'm expecting it or not, it always crosses my mind that it's going to be a murderer or a rapist, or worse, my next door neighbor jose.

Angela said...

Hilarious! I hate bartering too, adam does it ALL the time. At first it embarrassed me, but he really gets the best deals from things you always thought were unnegotiable. For instance he recently joined the gym and he talked the guy down half the price and no signing bonus.

the doze said...

This is the reason why I will never have a yard/garage sale at my house. I hate haggling over prices. Ugh! Just pay what I'm asking - is that too much to ask?

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