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Saturday, September 20, 2008


image from freefoto.com

I saw some orange leaves on a tree the other day and that makes me nervous. As much as I like autumn and I like the cooler (but still bearable weather) it really only means one thing to me... winter is on its way. Winter I do not like. That's not entirely true. I just don't like the coldness that IS winter. So as much as I love fall, I also sort of dread it.

In other news... I am an AUTUMN. Do people still do that where some colorization specialist lady looks at your skin and eye and hair color and tells you you're a season and what colors you should then wear?? My aunt did this for me when I was 10 or so and told me I was an autumn and should wear browns and oranges and greens. What ten year old girl wants to hear that? I wanted to be a spring and wear pinks and lavenders. But now I'm glad that I'm an autumn. Browns and oranges and greens have become good colors to wear in the past ten years, and I like them. Not like ten year old me who swore that brown was the ugliest color ever and she would never wear it. How could I hate brown? It's the color of chocolate. And peanut butter.


Shannon said...

I love the colors of Autumn - I don't think we get them like out east (maybe some parts of Washington do). What is the winter time like in Kansas?

Angela said...

I am a spring I think...it is autumn here and I am loving it. Today it is rainy and cold and the leaves are changing. The cold is a novelty to me still because I haven't felt winter in ages.

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