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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aluminum Tent

image: I'll assume it was taken by my dad a couple weeks ago

This is the family cabin of my childhood. It's in the mountains above Cedar City, UT, overlooking Zion National Park. When my parents built it in 1970 or so, they were living in Las Vegas, a short, doable distance. The move to southern California turned the trip into a much longer trek. But we still made it there most summers. It wasn't high end cabin living. There is no electricity, just a string of gas lanterns and gas powered appliances (minus a fridge that had a gas leak and about killed us one summer when I was 13 or 14). There is no running water, until recently when a tank was placed uphill from the cabin, enough so to create "running water" inside. When we are there now, we live out of a cooler due to the fridge situation. There is usually a wasp nest out front at the point of the "A." The back balcony has sort of fallen away. Princess Sparkley has only been there once, when she was about 13 months old and there was a moth infestation. She somehow remembers this. We spent about three days constantly killing enormous moths.

It is not luxurious. I've always lovingly referred to is as an aluminum tent because it's just a step above camping. But when my parents sent this picture I felt a bit sad that this is the end of the green A frame cabin era for my family. Last summer my parents traded/bought/switched/sold around land my dad owned up there and they've begun building a bigger and better cabin. One with running water and electricity. One that the entire family can fit in. I'm excited to visit and stay there next summer when it's all complete, but I'll make sure to drive a little further up the mountain so my kids can see the aluminum tent of my childhood.

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