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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tooth Fairy

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I can think of dozens of things about myself that I don't want to see manifested in my children.

Just one of them. My teeth.

A hereditary trait: I'm missing one of my teeth. I think it's an incisor, maybe a canine. I learned this is hereditary because my mom's Aunt Beulah is missing both of hers and claims "it's a family thing." Princess Sparkley is missing two. Buddy actually has two more teeth than she does. I think he has 20 and she has 18. Or maybe 18 and 16. I don't know, and they are in bed and being quiet so I'm not about to go count them.

A have horribly long teeth roots: I had to have a large number of my baby teeth pulled by the dentist because there was no way they were coming out on their own and he gave them all to me to take home to put under my pillow and even commented on how long some of their roots were. AND, my dentist and orthodontist had a bet on whether some of my teeth would come out on their own or would need to be pulled. Stubborn teeth.

I had a huge gap between my two front teeth. Worse than David Letterman's gap. AND, it had what I lovingly refer to as a waggle. A little "drop" of gum hanging between the teeth. It was lovely. (Heavy sarcasm there in case you didn't catch it). I still have the waggle, it is now hidden behind my two front teeth because after much conferencing (probably while golfing) my dentist and orthodontist decided this was the best route to take. I had to wear braces on just the two front teeth for two years before I got the rest of my braces for another two years. Yuck.

Oh, I haven't even touched on the one canine or incisor that I do have (whose partner is missing), it is a tiny tiny little fang. Also hereditary according to my great aunt Beulah. As soon as my braces came off, and before I was fitted for a retainer (all in high school) I had to go to the dentist and have this freaky little fang covered in some sort of dental, looking like a tooth contraption that my dentist did a crap job of shaping and coloring. I hate it. If I ever remembered that I don't want to smile with my teeth in a picture, it would be due to this tooth.

Why all of these thoughts tonight? I just brushed Princess Sparkley's teeth at bed time (ie: two hours past bedtime) and her bottom two front adult teeth are growing in behind her bottom two front baby teeth. Hello? This is why I took her to the dentist like three weeks ago. To avoid this. This very situation. And when did this happen? I'll admit we are kind of slackers on the whole tooth brushing craze. (Craze? Like it's a craze. It's not really a craze, it's good hygiene. And common sense.) The kids get their teeth brushed on a regular basis. At least once a day. (That's where we slack). And we usually still help them both. I'm trying to remember who brushed Princess Sparkley's teeth last night. Me? Her? Jed? Did they just pop through today? Did she feel anything? Did no one notice they were there last night or the night before? It's crazy. It's like she's a shark growing two rows of teeth.

So tomorrow I have to call the dentist. Argh. We went a few weeks ago because 1) I was really worried about this happening once I realized that most kids start losing their teeth in kindergarten and first grade and Princess Sparkley was starting first grade. And I knew about my own long root, tooth pulling history and the fact that she's already inherited a bunch of stuff, especially crazy teeth, from me. And, 2) she was way overdue for a dentist appointment since kids are supposed to start going when they are 3 years old and they are supposed to go every 6 months. She'd been once and was about 5 visits behind. Buddy had never been.


Lisa said...

Oh dear! It sounds like those new teeth got tired of trying to push up P. Sparkley's teeth up and decided to go around! Oops. Evie's bottom teeth started coming in VERY crooked and her top teeth were looking like they would be bucky. Now that they're pretty much all the way in her top teeth are LOVELY and straight and her bottom ones are only slightly crooked. Hopefully you'll be surprised with how well your daughter's grow in once they come farther in.
I had TERRIBLE teeth, or at least extremely crooked teeth and a super narrow jaw that had to be stretched out with some funky contraption, so I feel your weirdness. And I've always thought it was best not to give into "crazes." :)

Our Story said...

I had no idea your teeth were so messed up...hmmm...well you dentist and orthodontist did a good job of fixing them anyway. Adam is missing a tooth as well, he has a big gap where one of his molars should be. He HATES it and smiled weird in pictures until we practiced for our engagement photos. On the plus side he didn't have any wisdom teeth so hopefully the kids get that trait. My sympathies go out to you and P.S.

Erin said...

That dentist should have seen her teeth coming in on the X-ray. Especially if you were concerned about it and mentioned it. That is really weird. Did he take x-rays? I would be frustrated.

wendys said...

I hope that she doesn't have to get them pulled, that could hurt. Maybe go buy some salt water taffy, carmels and really hard apples for her to eat. That might take care of them!

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

The first picture I ever owned of you (stollen from the bishop's office) was of you with braces on just your two front teeth. I thought you were incredibly hot (possibly so hot you were "hott").

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