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Monday, August 04, 2008

Thoughts on a Monday

It hit me this weekend, that next year Buddy will be in Kindergarten. My baby!! Okay, so not my baby any more since I have a new one so Buddy could grow up and be a little boy. I don't think it hit me so hard that Princess Sparkley was of Kindergarten age last year. Her whole life it seems like I've been so anxious for her to get that much older so she could do new stuff (ie: as a baby desperately wanting her to crawl, then once she did that wanting her to walk, etc.). Buddy was my baby for almost four years. That, added to his delayed speech, made him seem like that much more of a baby to me still. But he's not. Gulp. And I'm going to have to get used to that idea.

I'm number two on the waiting list at my library for Stephenie Meyer's new book, Breaking Dawn, in the Twilight Series. I'm super frustrated because even though the book came out on Friday, and the library ordered 5 copies they only have one copy in yet. And that one copy is just sitting on the hold shelf waiting for someone to pick it up. Argh! I could have read it by now and they haven't even picked it up. It better be ready for me before I leave town this weekend and have to see my brother-in-law and his wife who I introduced the series to a couple months ago and who have probably already read it.

Waiting at the library for me is this book that a friend recommended and I'm going to give a shot at reading. Even if it is nonfiction... not my strong point. I need organization. Especially if I'm going to pull of Princess Sparkley's schedule this school year. She'll be half homeschooled, half regular schooled.

Our air conditioner was out all weekend (Friday and Saturday) and out on and off last week. Heat index above 100 degrees. I felt like I was melting. I love Kansas... I really do. But the humidity in the summer and the freezing temperatures in the winter just about do me in.

We're gearing up for a family reunion of sorts with Jed's family. Mainly we just want to hang around and chat and relax but it looks as though every second of the day and night is planned with activities so no one complains about just sitting around doing nothing. Sitting around and doing nothing is my favorite thing to do.

I've had a highly productive day (because in my imagination, the mess downstairs is all cleaned up). I rearranged our downstairs coat/craft closet to hold all of Princess Sparkley's school stuff. The closet is right next to the kitchen table where 95% of her homeschooling takes place and all of her school stuff is upstairs in her room. Not anymore. Plus, I freed up space on her bedroom bookshelf for all of the kid books that are overflowing from our other kid bookshelves, and the kids beds. The kids love books... where could they have gotten it from??

I have at least 5 sugar cookie recipes I need to try out, plus a chocolate chip one, but didn't want the oven on all weekend. And last night, when I finally decided to make some cookies, I didn't have an sour cream... which everyone of the recipes I wanted to try called for. So I made my old reliable chocolate chip cookie recipe and in 2/3rding the recipe, something went horribly array. They turned out tasty, but odd looking.

We checked out some Junie B. Jones books on cd from the library for Princess Sparkley and Buddy to listen to on our long trek to St. Louis this weekend, via southeast Missouri in order for Jed to get some counties and finish off Missouri. They've listened to Aloha-ha-ha-ha (or, according to Jed's memory, Hawaii -ha-ha-ha) twice a day starting Saturday. It's a 72 minute cd. It's a bit crazy.


Erin said...

Next time your AC is out, you should come hang out over here. I am usually doing nothing. Just sitting around reading and holding this baby who seems to wake up everytime I put her down. I am so impressed with how productive you are. Be sure to let us know when you find that perfect sugar cookie. The best sugar cookies I have ever had were made by a good friend of mine in HS. It was a family recipe and they wouldn't share it. I don't really get that--its not like they are trying to market their sugar cookies or something. Anyhow, I made them with her once and they did have sour cream in them. Since then I am always trying various sugar cookie recipes with sour cream and have never found one that came close. Of course that could be because I am not a great cookie maker....

Ashby Family said...

You are busy! Good Luck with the book - I'm yet to finish it myself, but I sure need it!

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