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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Strings Attached

Our library, like most libraries I'm sure, has a summer reading program for kids (and adults). The kids read a certain number of books and earn a free book and a bunch of coupons for free stuff around town. The thing is, I can't stop thinking that these businesses donated free coupons figuring they'd get business out of it. And I feel bad going to a store to get our two free things (one for Buddy, one for Princess Sparkley) so I'm pressured into buying something else. Then it ends up that we aren't actually saving money, I'm spending money I wouldn't ordinarily spend at chocolate shops, etc. So today I put a stop to that. We went to Spangles, the drive-thru even, and used the kids' two free cone coupons, plus a coupon my dad earned for a free ice cream cone when he was here to meet Baby X in February and they were slow preparing his meal for him. So not only did we get two free creams, but we got three. And I got to do it from the safety of my car, hiding behind sunglasses so no one will ever know what a cheapskate I was being. Hoorah!

1 comment:

Cristin said...

It's funny that you are embarrassed! I would be like, "BOO-YAH! Look at my coupons!"

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