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Friday, August 01, 2008


image from Johnsons

I spent a lot of yesterday not at home, out and about doing stuff in Topeka. Topeka's a bit of a drive, and with gas prices what they are I try to plan a bunch of stuff for one trip. Yesterday's trip included:
- 6 month pictures of Baby X at JCPenney's
- 6 year old pictures of Princess Sparkley at JCPenney's
- car tires rotated at Sam's Club
- backpack and shoe shopping for Princess Sparkley at the Topeka mall
- returning a book to the Topeka Library

While waiting for our car to be finished, we enjoyed hot dogs and a pretzel at Sam's Club. Then walked to Walmart and Kohl's because our car was still not done. I did a bit of shopping at Walmart, getting some of the ingredients for my book club dessert, some school supplies for Princess Sparkley, etc.

We weren't in usual shopping mode since the car was across a giant parking lot getting worked on, so Baby X was in the stroller and we didn't grab a shopping cart. I just stacked what we were going to buy on the stroller tray until that threatened to fall on Baby X, crushing him, at which point I got out our reusable shopping bag and carried everything around in it. Except a thing of baby lotion, which, unbeknownst to me, fell into our diaper bag. I didn't know until I got home and it just about ruined my day. I called Walmart to see what I could do about it, feeling horrible. They told me just to come to customer service next time I was in the store and I could take care of it. I asked if I'd be able to do that from my Walmart since I'm not driving back to Topeka anytime soon. She told me not to worry about it, that it wasn't a big deal and that accidents happen all the time. I still feel bad. I'm thinking I might have to mail them the money. Or I guess I have to go to Topeka in a couple of weeks to pick up our portraits. I hope I remember. I don't want to be a shoplifter.


Cristin said...

I do this SO often. I hate it because I always discover it after I have the kids in the car. Last time I saw a bagger walking by collecting carts and I just handed it to her and said, "Sorry."

Ashby Family said...

My kids put things in my bag all the time and it drives me nuts! We have regular FHE lessons on stealing and being honest! :)

wendys said...

A few months ago I accidentally shoplifted a pack of gum. The next time I went to that grocery store I asked the clerk to charge me twice for a new pack I was getting and he was so confused and it took him a while to figure out what I was asking him to do!

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

I'm so proud of you getting the most out of your shopping dollar! Here's hoping you have a few more "accidents" (and maybe they can involve some more substantial items, like second car or a house).

Rae said...

I have a confession to make. I am a shoplifter. I lifted two kool-aid packets at the ripe old age of 2. My mother has never let me forget it! :)

I suppose I am a lifter in more ways than one. There have been times (very few times) that I have unloaded the cart in the parking lot of a store to find an item lodged underneath a car seat or hiding in some part of the cart. I always feel guilty but if it's not a big ticket price item I wait until I have to go back to the store and then tell them about it. It's amazing how they look at you like you're an alien or something. People are just not honest and when you are they don't know what to do! :)

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