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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pencil Collection

image from Lillian Vernon

I almost forgot the best part of Jed's pencil collection. Princess Sparkley and Buddy were born while he worked at this job that collected pencils. So instead of cigars or candy bars with birth announcements on them, we ordered personalized pencils in pink and then blue with the names of our newborn babies printed on them and Jed handed them out at work for everyone to add to their pencil collections. I thought that was fun. And I feel a bit bad that we didn't do it for Baby X. But then Jed didn't work at the same job. And we'd have been stuck with two dozen pencils or so. And then there was the whole indecision of what Baby X's name would be. We knew months ahead of time with Princess Sparkley and Buddy what their names would be. So we ordered the pencils well in advance so they could be handed out very soon after they were born... pink and then blue.

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