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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Night Owl

I'm a night owl. I always have been. I base the "always have been" on the fact that my mom signed me up for afternoon preschool when I was four. I assume it was due to nightowlness, but maybe I just wasn't a morning person. But in my book, in probably yours, night owls are not morning people.

I married a night owl. Possibly worse than me. And he's occassionally an insomniac... so even worse than me. Especially since because I became a mom, I can almost instantly fall asleep at any given opportunity as long as I can tune out the thousands of things I need to do working their way through my mind. But usually I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep just thinking of all the other things I should be doing.

Here is where being a night owl is bad. It's affects upon my kids... the older two who have become night owls of their own, Princess Sparkley especially. Example: It's 9:39 PM, 1 hour and 39 minutes past their bedtime, and they are higher than kites, louder than stampeding elephants, and going faster and longer than the Energizer Bunny while they watch the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. They've reached a creative peak for the day so I hate to bring it to a close, plus I have a sore throat so I don't want to have to yell. Which it may come down to.

The other thing about being a night owl that is bad... being a part of the normal world of young moms and other normal human beings. I had to be at a church activity last weekend that started at 9 AM and I had to get there early. At 9 AM I am usually still in PJs, barely awake, definitely not showered. I often agree to do all sort so things at 9 in the morning: doctor's appointments, visiting teaching visits, meetings, car mechanic drop offs, etc. I do it because I realize that I should be awake and functioning at that early morning hour, but I'm not. And it isn't until I realize the night before that I actually need to set my alarm because there is no way any of my kids, or myself, will wake up on our own to be ready to leave the house before 9 AM that I think about how crazy I'm being trying to turn this night owl into a morning bird. And not even an EARLY morning bird.


Our Story said...

I feel like I should get everything done before noon for some reason, it makes me annoyed because I have a terrible time getting up early. So everyday I get annoyed with myself for only having 2 hours to get everything done when really I have all day to do it. I usually end up watching tv anyway. Ah me!

wendys said...

For some reason I am a morning person. I am usually showered by 7:30 and running errands by 9 am. But come 10pm I am sooo tired. My kids are usually up early too, waking us up that is. I wouldn't mind them getting up early if I could only get them to sleep through the night!

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