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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Money Laundering

What is up with American money? I feel like I'm constantly getting tricked into accepting fake money from ATMs and cashiers because I have no idea what my own country's money is supposed to look like because the US Treasury keeps changing the appearance of not only our bills, but our coins.

Today I pulled a nickel (at least I think it's a nickel) out of my kids' money reward cup and it had a ship on the back!!! When did our nickels start having ships on the back of them? After closer inspection, it says "Lewis and Clark" which makes the whole ship on the nickel thing seem vaguely familiar. But seriously, if I was in the money laundering business, now would be the time to do it. I have no idea what my country's money is supposed to look like, and there are like three different versions of five dollar bills out right now that are accepted.


Angela said...

It looks like fake comic money. Whenever I get an old-fashioned bill, I marvel at how normal it looks.

Leslie said...

Seriously!! You could use Chuck E Cheese coins and say they are those Indian Dollar coins.

Cristin said...

Fake money sounds like a great business idea!

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