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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Millions Of Peaches, Peaches For Me

image from www.kyagr.com

Thanks to a local "Pick your own" orchard that had free peaches and great friends who picked a ton and gave me some, I have a bucket (not quite a million) peaches. What to do? What to do? I'm thinking that I wouldn't like peach jam. But my husband assures me he'll eat it. I'll of course make my grandma's peach cobbler. And after talking to some friends tonight, I think I'll puree some peaches and freeze them for smoothies and milkshakes later on. What do you do with millions of peaches? Anything that doesn't involve peeling them? That's why they are still sitting on my table, I'm too lazy to peel them.

FYI: Fun young adult book series that takes place on a peach orchard: Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson, it's sequel The Secret of Peaches and I just found the third in the series, Love and Peaches comes out in October.


Leslie said...

I LOVED peaches when I was pregnant with Sara last summer. I like to cut them up (not peeled) in a bowl and sprinkle sugar on them for a snack or add them to vanilla yogurt or peach smoothies or with ice cream...mmm peaches sound so good right now!

Our Story said...

I learned how to peel peaches really easily on food network. You just submerge them in boiling water for a bit and then put them in ice water and then the peels just slide off. You may want to check online before you boil all your peaches, but I think thats the gist of it.

Erin said...

I am making fruit leather right now. You are welcome to borrow my dehydrator if you want to try it. I have never made fruit leather before, so I hope it turns out!

Nance said...

Leslie- I love peaches like that as well. Mmm.

Angela- Someone else mentioned this, and then Princess Sparkley informed me that she knew this as well because on an episode of Reading Rainbow, they boil the tomatoes for just a bit in order to be able to peel them more easily. Thanks.

Erin- I hope your fruit leather turns out as well. I made a cobbler this morning. Sliced up a bunch of peaches and froze them. And I only have a handful left that I'm going to sort of saute them in butter, cinnamon and sugar and then serve them over vanilla ice cream. That's what my sister says she does all the time and it is delicious. Thanks.

Michelle said...

Baby food for Baby X! Steam em', and puree them, and freeze them in ice cube trays (if you haven't done that before)..Those were Gav's fav, I would love an overabundance of peaches. Have fun! =)

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