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Sunday, August 24, 2008


The town we live in has a really cool downtown area with lots of shops, restaurants, etc. It's usually fairly crowded, especially so at night. And on a weekend night. And super especially on the first weekend after college classes started. We've been promising our kids for awhile that we'd take them to get ice cream at one of the five shops in the downtown area. We had a coupon. It expired at the end of the month, so we went Saturday night. We got there and it was packed, so Jed elected to stay outside with Baby X and the stroller, leaving me to go inside with the two big kids and order our ice creams. They were a little disappointed because normally I'd hold them up and we'd walk down the counter looking at all the ice cream choices, but with a huge line and only one parent, I just had to read them their options from the wall menu. When their ice cream was ready I handed it over to them and sent them to a table to sit down while I ordered Jed and my ice creams. When I turned to look at them as I walked toward the cash register, Princess Sparkley was looking at me for help because her ice cream had fallen off of her cone. I made hand gestures at her that to me meant "pick up the ice cream and place it back on the cone." I paid, grabbed some napkins and turned around to head to their table. Princess Sparkley was holding an ice cream cone in one hand that she was crunching her way through, and a melting scoop of ice cream in the other hand, which she was occasionally licking. Apparently, my all too clear sign language of "pick up the ice cream and place it back on the cone," was not at all clear to a 6 year old who thought I was telling her to hold the ice cream in her hand. Ahhh. And the people at the next table were quietly giggling at the situation. I had to try really hard to keep my cool as I was already frustrated with the whole ice cream buying, crowded, single parent situation of it all. But I wish I had a camera as she held a melty, pink scoop of ice cream dripping down one hand and a half eaten cone in the other.

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