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Friday, August 22, 2008


I blogged about collections and souvenirs the other day and totally forgot what is probably one of the most creative, cheapest, kid friendly things to collect as souvenirs. PENCILS. Sadly, this pencil collection* belongs to neither of my kids. It's my husband's. When he was working for the City of Camarillo in California, his department had a tradition that whenever someone went on vacation, they brought back a pencil for everyone in their department. It was usually somewhere between 16-20 pencils, and the pencils were always well under a dollar. Thus was born Jed's pencil collection, that we've continued. You can even read part of the red one that says "On the Prairie" for DeSmet, SD: The Little Town on the Prairie from our last family trip. I'm actually surprised that everywhere we go on vacation we're able to find a pencil.

*This isn't even the whole collection, there are more in another mug.

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Our Story said...

I'll have to send you guys a Rexburg, Idaho pencil.

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