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Monday, August 18, 2008

Collections and Souvenirs

As a kid I collected keychains. So did my husband. Now we have two large(ish) boxes of key chains that we never look at. But for me at least, they were my souvenirs from family vacations we took. I'd like to do something like this for my kids, but realize that since ours are just sitting in a box that we never look at, it's probably not the most useful collection. Plus, I'm not ready to spill out a bunch of money for a key chain for each of our kids on each of our trips. That can add up fast and I'm not made of money.

My grandma collected spoons. She had so many, but they weren't just spoons from places she'd been, they were spoons from places anyone she knew that knew she collected spoons had ever been. She had spoons from all over the world. It was pretty cool. I inherited a small portion of these when she passed away and have spent the past several years trying to find a wooden spoon display case that I like (it's sort of an old fashioned collection, so the cases aren't quite my style) and also trying to decide if I'm going to continue on with a collection of my own. But if I do, I'm already so far behind. And am I really willing to commit to $4.50 or more to everywhere I go, not to mention the cases to house all the spoons. My grandma ended up with 8 or so cases holding 30-60 spoons each. Do I want to head that way? It seems cool for an old lady, but do 30 (gulp) year olds collect spoons?

We've sort of started a family collection of fridge magnets from the places we go to. One magnet for the whole family. But I usually give in to my kids whining for something for them and let them pick a post card for 20-50 cents. Cheap. Small. They can pick whatever they want. But the postcards get home and are pinned to the wall for a bit, or lost, or destroyed. So I liked this idea from Martha Stewart.

What do you collect? What have you collect? What would you like to collect? What do you buy on trips as your souvenir to bring home?


Leslie said...

I've never been a big collector - I always wanted to be. I have tried to buy Christmas ornaments from various places we have vacationed at. But I'm not a consistant collector.

Erin said...

Lydia's rock collection has been driving me nuts. It seems like there are rocks all over the house. But I guess it does have the bonus of being free.

wendys said...

When I was a kid I collected everything. Rocks, shells, coins, keychains, stickers, dolls, cows, whatever. I don't really collect things any more. I like the magnets idea though.

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