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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Being A Productive Housewife

Most days I feel like I'm just keeping up with everything. The mess isn't getting worse. It isn't staying stagnant. It's changing, but staying at about the same level of messiness.

This morning I woke up and stood at my kitchen sinking peeling and slicing peaches for a good bit of time, made a cobbler, froze some peaches for later.

Then I did Princess Sparkley's homeschool work for the day - Language Arts (a Hindu fable about a mouse turning into a tiger) and Phonics (the digraph sh).

Quickly showered and deposited Princess Sparkley at her school. Picked her up. Sewed a pillow for the tooth fairy for when her teeth fall out, fixed Baby X's baby burrito's failing velcro.

I felt like I was having a somewhat productive day. But then I look around at the mess that hasn't gone anywhere while I ignored it. The laundry basket full of clothes I haven't gotten around to folding (Baby X is in full crawling mode and into EVERYTHING.) The piles of stuff on each step waiting to go upstairs. The scattered crayons, feathers, pens, glue sticks and paper that my kids have gotten out, and then abandoned. And I realize my productive day wasn't visibly productive at all.

At least I have a peach cobbler to show for my day. But I baked it so long ago now that it doesn't even make my house smell yummy anymore. And a tooth shaped pillow that's probably already lost in Princess Sparkley's mess of a bed.

Off to be visibly productive. You know, folding some laundry. Moving some piles around. Straightening the mess so it doesn't look so much like a mess.


Malissa said...

I FEEL your frustration. I'm looking around now at the house I cleaned earlier today thinking, "What happened?" Nothing to show for my work.

Erin said...

I made your cobbler yesterday too! It was delicious. And having leftover cobbler is way more satisfying than having the laundry put away. Yum.

Our Story said...

I NEVER get anything done! I don't know where the day goes. Your one half productive day was like a whole week for me, and I don't even have kids!

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