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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Awesome Websites

I've posted a link to this Baby Name Wizard website before. I love this website and the book that goes with it.

Here are two more websites that are sort of similar with their cool interactive graphs.

Design Mom posted this link after seeing it on her sister's blog:

And after I showed Jed that website, since he's into maps and all, he showed me this similar one about movies. It's pretty cool to look at movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Napoleon Dynamite and Juno, that started out in the box offices really small, and then grew.

I'm just full of awesome websites tonight (and Jed is very helpful). At Princess Sparkley's Back to School Night tonight, her teachers gave us this link to the New York Public Library's Kid Room where you can supposedly watch videos of books, etc. all for free. I'm getting read to explore it right now.


Hatch Building Co. said...

Very fun!! You always have the coolest info on your blog - I love it!! I just wish I had time to check it all out. I totally want to hear how you like the NYC library site:)

Rae said...

We used the Baby Name Wizard (I bought the book) to name JK! It was our saving grace!!!!!!!

I have a little something for you on my blog...take a look see!

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