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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your Face On Candy!!

I knew you could order custom colors of M&Ms, even custom messages, but this is awesome. Your picture on an M&M. Too bad it's $11.99 per 7 ounce bag, 3 bag minimum order. Understandably pricey, I may have to splurge someday. Maybe order these Boston Red Sox ones for my dad's birthday.


Ashby Family said...

At my brother's wedding they gave custom M&M's in these cute bags for party favors. They said little things like "Scott & Jen", "Just Married", "True Love" etc... that's cool that they can now put pictures on them.

Erin said...

I ordered some for my sister wedding. Guess where they make them? In Las Vegas? If I had known that I could have had my mom pick them up instead of paying for shipping. They make them at the Ethel M chocolate factory. If you ever in Vegas that is my number one tourist attraction! :)

Jamie said...

I couldl really go for some m&ms right now. I love the red sox ones! Those are pretty cool. I bet your dad would love those. THat's a great birthday idea.

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