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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Updated States I've Been To

I don't know how thoroughly I've explained this in the past, but my husband collects counties. He's a geography nut. His jobs for the past eight or so years have revolved around computer mapping. He loves maps. And he's discovered this whole world of map obsessed people like himself that collect counties, like he does. So while the average American might be keeping track of which states they've been to, my husband (and me and the kids) is keeping track of which counties he's been to. So while he also keeps track for me and the kids, my big accomplishments are always getting new states. Since my last states post, I've gotten three new ones (two over the weekend). PLUS, I'm supposed to get Arkansas next month on our round about way to St. Louis so Jed can finish off the counties he needs in south east Missouri. My current state total is 36* states... I'm 72% done.

*Although we aren't sure if I've actually been to Rhode Island or not.


wendys said...

What are the pink states? You really should go to Alaska, well worth the trip. If we ever move back, you can stay with us.

Nance said...

Pink states are the recent ones I've added.

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