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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ugly Betty

Does anyone watch Ugly Betty? We don't watch a lot of TV. I've never been sucked in my all the reality shows (sorry sorry). I heard somewhere that the show had gotten good reviews and I like America Ferrera as an actress, so I thought I'd check season one out from the library to watch. Jed watched the first episode with me, sort of half heartedly and probably 1/3 of a later episode. I kept telling him he was really missing out. I really really enjoyed season one.

I watched the last two episodes of season one last night, and let me tell you, this show knows how to hook you for a season finale. It's categorized as a dramedy according to Wikipedia. It reminds me a little bit of Desperate Housewives season one (I only watched season one). Probably just the fact that they both are dramedies. It's just a feel the show gives off. Sort of funny, a bit of mystery and drama. A little over dramatic, actually. Especially the end of season one.


Here's the breakdown of each main character and how they are left hanging in the finale:

Betty: has finally decided to fight for Henry but his ex-girlfriend, Charlie, has shown up prego and then Betty finds out that Charlie has been dating Betty's orthodontist for two months. So the baby might not be Henry's, Charlie was cheating, and Betty's off to the airport to declare her love.

Henry: sitting innocently on an airplane back to Phoenix from New York with Charlie, leaving Betty (who he loves) behind, not knowing that Charlie's been cheating on him.

Daniel: Editor of Mode magazine. Betty's sex addict boss has switched from sex to drugs and it ends with he and his sister (formerly his brother) crashing a car into a tree on the way to rehab.

Claire: Daniel's mom is part of a prison break in order to stop her husband from divorcing her and marrying Wilhelmina. It ends with her sneaking through the woods, in the dark, chained to a fellow prisoner - Fugitive style.

Christina: Locked in a hidden room with Amanda. Admits that she's married in Scotland but ran off to America and no one knows where she is.

Amanda: Locked in hidden room, opens safe to find her baby pictures and a birth certificate saying that she's Fey Sommers's daughter. (Fey is the dead (murdered by Claire) former editor of Mode magazine).

Hilda: Betty's older sister, finds out from Betty that her fiance, the father of her teenage son, was shot and killed in a gas station robbery.

Ignacio: Betty's father is still in Mexico having been deported after 30 years of living in the US illegally. He fled Mexico after killing his soon to be wife's husband at the time. Someone in Mexico hears that he is back and is planning to seek revenge.


That's all I remember now and the baby is awake and crying...

Everything is just left so hanging. It's awesome. And those of you who watch the show (if any), know what happens because season two is over, but... not on dvd for a few more months.


The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

It's okay to give spoilers three years after everyone else already knows. You and I are sort of behind the times.

Erin said...

You are not the only ones behind the times. I skipped the spoiler alert. Maybe I will go ahead and watch it on your recommendation now!

julie said...

I watch it! I think it's hilarious. I usually don't have time to watch it when it's on TV, so Mac and I always catch it on the internet later. That's how we watch most of our shows nowadays - on the internet.

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