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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tricking kids

image from www.wadcorp.net

This is our new favorite yogurt because they have very cute pictures of desserts on them. You see, Princess Sparkley isn't such a big fan of fruit. We make her try it, but she rarely likes it. Or she only likes it enough to have that one bite. I once paid her 50 cents to try a raspberry. She's also not a big fan of fruit chunks in her yogurt. But this yogurt has her fooled. She's enamored with the pictures of pies and cakes. If only her favorite wasn't cotton candy. I wish companies would come up with stuff like cotton candy yogurt that was really strawberry or some other healthy fruit so that my kid would be tricked into eating something healthy. Besides, cotton candy yogurt sounds disgusting and completely unappetizing to me. I guess that means I'm really an adult.

1 comment:

Cristin said...

Sometimes I wish Luke didn't like fruit SOOOO much. That is all he'll eat sometimes and a 100% fruit diet can't be too healthy either.

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