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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Small Town Connections

While on our Little House on the Prairie vacation, we stopped in Sioux City, Iowa at some friends' who used to live in Kansas. We were talking late one night and discovered that the wife and I both have relatives in the small town of Minersville, UT (more info here). In the 2000 Census, the town's population was 817. And it was settled by a relative of mine. I think we both basically said we're related to everyone in town and everyone in the town's cemetery. Hmm... we must be related, right? So she pulls out some family history she has on a guy named James Henry Rollins, who I knew right off I'm related to. His sister, Mary Elizabeth Rollins is the girl who saved the Book of Commandments back in Joseph Smith's day when the printing press in Independence, MO was about to be burned by an angry mob. So I knew right off we were somehow related. I called my mom (the family history expert in our family) when I got a chance and had her figure it out. My friend and I are 4th cousins. We share a great great great grandfather. Crazy. It's funny to be that I know who my second cousins are. But she's a fourth cousin and would be a stranger if we hadn't ended up in the same town at the same church at the same time.

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wendys said...

That's really cool that you found a long lost relative.

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