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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sad, Mad, Happy

Our stereo downstairs has a three disc cd changer. It's usually whichever cds are left sitting around and need to be put away. So I put them away in the cd player. Right now, and for awhile, it has been:

1. Frank Sinatra
2. Harvey Danger's "King James Version"
and, 3. Noodlebug (a kid cd)

My kids are usually the only ones to use this stereo. They just turn it on a push play when they feel like dancing. They informed me the other day that Buddy calls the cds:

1. Sad Noodlebug
2. Mad Noodlebug
and, 3. Happy Noodlebug

So funny to me. And so amazing how kids really do pick up on stuff, like the mood in music.

1 comment:

Ashby Family said...

That's cute! My kids love to listen to music too. They surprise me with having good rythym and love to dance.

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