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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


image from www.rei.com

I remember growing up when rollerskating parties were all the rage. We went on school field trips to the rollerskating rink one town over. Skating Plus. We skated to the Ghostbusters song. We did the limbo on skates. And anyone who was anyone had their birthday party at Skating Plus. I was a shy, quiet kid. I wasn't great at sports. I wasn't the brainiest kid in the class. But put a pair of rollerskates on my feet and I was in my element.

Fast forward several years. I'm a junior in college and rollerblades have become the new cool thing to have. And they are finally affordable, or at least my BFF Angela and I thought so. We went on a quest to find and buy rollerblades. Once we bought them, matching ones, we wore them that entire day until we were going to bed. We refused to take them off for anything. EVEN the fake wedding we threw my roommate. This girl we were living with, Hilary, had had this premonition her whole life that she would get married on that day... it was like May 30, 1998 or something. Well, the date came and she wasn't getting married, not even close. So we threw her a fake wedding. I'm sure she loved it. I rolled her down the aisle (ie: our living room) acting as the father of the bride. Angela, I believe, was the groom, rolling along next to her. We even decorated her car if I'm remembering correctly. After the fake wedding we rollerbladed all over town, down the hills into parking garages, back up. Down sidewalks. Over streets. All of my rollerskating glory returned. It was awesome... for those few days that we actually used them.

When we were driving around town today Jed spotted a kid on rollerskates, not blades, skates. And I thought, when was the last time I even owned rollerskates or rollerblades. Well, I still own a pair or two of each, in my parents' garage, abandoned in California. But when was the last time I had a pair on my feet. I spent a great deal of my childhood out on the driveway, cursing my parents for having a row of bricks across the driveway every 30 feet because everyone knows you can't skate well on bricks. Although it was awesome to jump them all. When I was really little my sister would make me count how many times she spun around. And I can't even think of the last time I wore a pair. Have never even considered introducing my kids to rollerskating. Do skating rinks still exist? Do kids have birthday parties there?


Cristin said...

We went to the skating rink for a YW/YM activity a few months ago and NO ONE wore skates. Only rollerblades. I was shocked. This means I am really old.

Ashby Family said...

I never mastered roller blading. But I LOVE roller skates!! My girlfriend just threw her husband a surprise 30th bday party and she rented a skating rink and we all dressed in 70's clothing and roller skated - it was awesome. Made me think of being a kid. Roller Skates are making a comback!

Erin said...

The image of you on roller blades going down the aisle is hilarious.

Shelby said...

I was thinking about rollerblading the other day! I used to have a pair, but after have 3 kids my shoe size is bigger. I miss the days when in college my bff and I would go blade all over Provo. I was always horrible at it. She would have to wait for me about every other block or so. Yeah, I think I might have to get me a pair! Hey you wanna go? LOL!

the doze said...

I hope you didn't rollerblade on the BYU campus. I think that's like a $5000 fine... right? It's right up there with throwing a snowball and making prank phone calls.

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