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Friday, July 25, 2008


*this is an old picture - Buddy no longer has a binky, and unfortunately, my husband currently has a mustache.

I've had the same pillow since I was a kid. (Please, don't tell me how many creatures and germs are probably living within this pillow.) We call him Stripey. I'm not sure if that was the pillow's name before I was married, or if it was dubbed Stripey by Jed. I can't sleep without Stripey. Jed loves Stripey. He's always trying to talk me into scenarios where if he has a big test the next day, he's allowed to sleep on Stripey. Etc. Jed almost never gets up on the middle of the night. I do. A lot. With kids. To use the bathroom. To feed the baby. Because something went bump in the night. Etc. One night as I was laying in bed, asleep, Jed actually laid (more closely it resembled "slammed") his head on top of mine. In his sleep he'd thought, "Sweet, Stripey is empty" and like always grabs it as soon as he can. The problem was, my head was still on the pillow. Ouch.

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Cristin said...

Someone told me the other day that they wash their pillows, i.e., run them through the washing machine. I have never done this because I didn't know you could and now I feel disgusted when I lay down on my 6 year old pillow. Yeah, that's gross too, I know.

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