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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mmm... potatoes

So, I love potatoes. Dessert aside, if you ask me my favorite food, I might just say potatoes. Look at all that you get from potatoes:
French Fries
Cheesey Potato Casserole aka Funeral Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes
Inside Out Potatoes aka Twice Baked Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Potato Salad

I just tried this recipe that Pioneer Woman posted last week. So delicious. I might have to make them again tomorrow. And the next day. YUM. Oh, and did I mention super easy as well?


Rae said...

Oh yeah! When I get back from vacation I'll be baking up a batch of these!!!

Nathan said...

Erin and I made roasted potatoes tonight, sliced and sprinkled with olive oil, salt, and pepper, along with beets, onions, and carrots. What a marvelous summer meal!

The potatoes were just right, slightly crunchy on the outside, soft, but not too soft on the inside, and lovely to look at. Perfect.

And to think that Europeans have only been eating earth apples for about two and a half centuries. Like maize, this New World vegetable was seen as food for animals and the poor when first introduced. Like you, I'm glad they're part of our diet.

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