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Friday, July 25, 2008

Little House on the Prairie

I've always been an avid reader. But I was also a bit of a brat as a kid. My mom would try to get me to read the Newbury award books, or other classic kid books and I'd refuse. The two I really remember her pushing that I still to this day have never read: A Wrinkle in Time and Johnny Tremain. They may be perfectly fine books. In fact, they are probably great books. I wasn't going to read them then. And I probably won't read them now. Although I should. Anyways, so far this has nothing to do with my post title and that's what all of you are wondering.

I also never read any Anne of Green Gables books. I didn't read Little Women until a college class required it. And I never ready any of The Little House on the Prairie books. That was the tomboy in me as a child. I didn't want to read the sappy, girlie books. Plus my sister always made me watch the TV version of The Little House on the Prairie and I really truly didn't like it. But I did watch it so maybe I secretly enjoyed it but wanted everyone to think I hated it. I really don't remember. As I've said before, I have a horrible memory.

My husband has been reading The Little House on the Prairie books to Princess Sparkley for a couple of years now since after all, we live in Kansas.* They are on the second to last book, These Happy Golden Years. I've listened here and there as has Buddy. So while I've missed a lot of the story, I've heard much much more. I've been annoyed my Mary and Ma, saddened when Jack died, excited for Laura and Almanzo, etc. But I haven't read them. In huge celebration of almost being done with this massive series, we're taking a family road trip to Walnut Grove, Minnesota (On the Banks of Plum Creek) and De Smet, South Dakota (By the Shores of Silver Lake, The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, These Happy Golden Years and The First Four Years). Both towns have pageants and museums, etc.

And you won't even know I'm gone because through the magic of the internet and blogging, I've set up some posts to happen while I'm away. It's like an automatic light timer so no one breaks into our house and steals are pathetic TV and a commuter bike. Although the TV is worth practically nothing and the bike would be the real steal.

* They've also read The Wizard of Oz.


Erin said...

It's such a relief to hear you will be blogging while on vacation. How considerate of you to keep us entertained!

wendys said...

I'm so jealous! I am a huge Little House on the Praire fan. I always imagined me as Laura and Tiff as Mary! Can't wait to see your pictures when you get back

Cristin said...

I LOVE the Little House books. That sounds so fun.

I also schedule posts ahead of time when I'll be gone. That's my big secret. My mom will be like, "Well, I know you're home because you posted something," and I'm like, "Yeah, I wrote that last week and scheduled it for today. I actually sit down a lot and write 2 or 3 posts at a time and schedule them.

Have fun on your trip!

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