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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kid Cookbook Review

While I'm ripping up one cookbook, I might as well voice all negative opinions about cookbooks. My mom bought this cookbook for Princess Sparkley. It's super cute, has super cute cupcakes inside. The recipes are all simple and make cupcakes any kid would love to make, look at and eat. So what's the problem?? It's a board book, which says to me, this is for kids. There are only maybe 12 recipes in here and at least 5 of them involve coffee, mocha, expresso, etc. Now, I don't drink coffee. But I think even among coffee drinkers, it's looked down upon to feed your kids coffee. Maybe I'm getting my knowledge of this from the movie Clueless when Cher explains to her teacher, Mr. Hall, that she doesn't drink coffee because "Duh, it might stunt my growth. I wanna be 5'10" like Cindy Crawford."

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