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Monday, July 21, 2008

Car Troubles

I've mentioned before that I hate dealing with car stuff. In college, I cried just about every time I took my car in to have an oil change or the tires rotated because I always ended up spending a ton of money I didn't have or want to spend, and I always felt ripped off because I was a girl and totally clueless when it came to cars.

This is the list of stuff I need to get done to the car this week:

Brake Check - they squeak, even though they squeaked in March and we took them in then and spent $200+

Oil Change - I tend to go about the length of 3 normal people oil changes before we get ours done. Usually because I start worrying that I'll kill the engine when we run out of oil since it's been so long.

Water Pump looked at - my father-in-law let us know something was wrong with our car by the way it sounded last time we were there, apparently this sound has something to do with our water pump. Great.

Tires rotated and balanced.

This is ignoring a ton of other regular maintenance (ie: timing belts, tire alignment, etc.) that should probably be done, or should have been done. But other than tire rotation and oil changes, I pretty much wait for a sign that something is wrong, then get it taken care of. Or ignore it for a bit more.

I started today with the brakes. It's always a bad sign (and this happens every time I take the car in) when the mechanic calls to have me describe the problem because the car isn't doing it for him. Argh. The brakes squeak every time we stop, why won't the car replicate it for him? But this visit ended on a good note... 4 brand new break pads, free of charge because the old ones were a bit defective (my term, not the mechanic's, he showed me on the surface of a cell phone what my brake pads were supposed to be shaped like and what they weren't).

Hopefully this is a sign for all good things car related this week. It would be great, fabulous, terrific if all car related things this week were also free, but I doubt it.


wendys said...

I'm with you on the car thing. I hate it too and I always feel that they are talking down to me, which they probably are because I don't know a thing about cars!

Erin said...

I'm glad that you got free brake pads! I know that our Ford Taurus brakes squeaked even after we just had them changed. I just learned to live with it. I hate car maintenance as well. I just leave it to Nathan. Good thing we only have one car.

the doze said...

Cars are the worst. Car mechanics are even worsterer. We just recently dropped $3000 on a new engine for our Ford Escape. Yikes! I always feel so stupid when I drop my car off. If only I had worked on engines as a teenager instead of watching all of those Saved By The Bell re-runs.

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