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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i heart craigslist

About a year ago I had a yard sale. It wasn't bad, but having to garage, and no yard, really, made it not as successful as the yard sale in my dreams was. About 6 months ago I got read of a huge computer monitor through craigslist. It's awesome. I just listed that I had a computer monitor, free of charge and six different people contacted me. Finally one decided he wanted it, I gave him my address and he came and picked it up. Computer monitor gone from cluttering my house. Craigslist makes it so I get can rid of all the big items I'm not going to sell on ebay because I won't ship them.

Today we got the kids bikes out of our storage unit. (I know. I know. The summer is almost over, the snow melted months ago. . . I just didn't feel like dealing with bikes in my house (remember, we have no garage) or having to watch the kids outside on them while dealing with a baby). So today we finally got the bikes out and they are both way too small for the kid they are supposed to fit. Princess Sparkley's bike is perfect for Buddy, except for it's a Disney Princess bike. Buddy's bike would be great for Baby X in 2 years, but I'm getting tired of holding on to giant stuff and having to move it when we move (which will happen again a year from this month) and having to store it. The sad part is they can finally pedal this year. Just as they've outgrown their bikes they finally got the hang of pedaling. I guess I've learned my lesson... don't buy them a bike until they are old enough to pedal it. But with Baby X trying to crawl already, he might be ready for a bike in a few more months!! So, I'm on the hunt for new, cheap bikes from craigslist and garage sales and hoping someone else out there is as well.

So here's what I'm getting rid of:

picture from 2006

It feels great to get rid of this stuff. Spring cleaning. Liberating. If only I could be brave like a college roommate of mine whose family is moving from California to Virginia and they decided to sell everything except a small trailer worth of stuff that has sentimental value. I don't think I'm a pack rat, but then I hear her story and I almost cry thinking about what I'd have to sell or leave behind.


Cristin said...

I also love craigslist. We found our current rental, a refrigerator and loads of other stuff through it. Great thing.

Jamie said...

I'm a total giver-awayer/thrower-awayer, but I can't imagine only having a trailer of sentimental things. The cheapskate in me would be thinking that I'm not going to buy new furniture or something.

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