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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I'm a bit concerned because in the last few days my almost six year old daughter has become obsessed with Hannah Montana. Interesting since we don't really watch TV. Don't get the Disney Channel. Don't hang out with little (or big) girls who do. Etc. Apparently she saw an episode at Grandma's house while Jed and I weren't there to oppose it. Until Miley Cyrus's recent escapades in the news, I wouldn't have really objected, just not wanted her to become such a teeny bopper so young. Now I'm concerned. Princess Sparkley has always been very intrigued by older girls. Even when she was tiny and we were shopping at Target or something, if 10-16 year old girl walked by, she had all of Princess Sparkley's attention. I'm not such a huge fan of most 10-16 year old girls these days. They all* wear string bikinis to the pool. They all have their ears pierced. They all wear make-up. They all dress immodestly.

Princess Sparkley assures me that she only likes Hannah Montana "because she's cool and she's a rockstar." Where did she find out about rockstars? Yikes. My baby is becoming a tweener and she's just turning six next month.

I have this comfort... in her drawings, when she draws Hannah Montana in immodest clothing, she draws shirts underneath to make them modest.

*Okay, okay. Not all of them. But lots.


Erin said...

I love how Hannah is singing musical notes. Princess Sparkley is so creative. It is too bad you can't control what your kids decide to obsess about. It is pretty amazing that she picked that up without any peer pressure from school. One time we heard Hannah Montana on the radio (it was a story on NPR and the only time I have heard her sing) and I asked Lydia if she liked her. She said "No, because she wears immodest clothes". I said how do you know who she is and she replied that she had seen her at a friend's house. There is no escaping Miley Cyrus...
You might appreciate this video from the Onion:

Cristin said...

I don't understand the allure of Hannah Montana. My nieces are obsessed with her.

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