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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great Harvest Bread

I became obsessed with Great Harvest Bread when I was at BYU living in Provo and there was a bakery on University Parkway. 1) It's basically homemade bread, without any of the work, 2) they give you a free slice of bread just for going in. What more could a poor college student ask for?

We have a group of moms and kids from church that meet and have a little music class during the school year. In the summer, when the older kids are out of school, we do field trips (ie: blueberry picking, zoo, wading pool, fire station tour, etc.).

Today we had a tour of Great Harvest Bread. This was our third tour. I LOVE IT! My favorite episodes of Reading Rainbow are the ones when they show how cheese is made and how crayons are made. So touring a bakery is awesome for me. And the man who owns our Great Harvest, Baker Bob, does an awesome job. He bases it off of the story of the Little Red Hen. He shows us wheat seeds, and how it grows and how they grind it. It's all hands on. Everyone gets some wheat and salt and yeast to dump into a huge mixing bowl. Then a huge wooden spoon to mix. They all get a peek at the wheat grinder and the giant mixer. They each get a ball of dough to roll out on the floor (we don't eat it). Then he puts all the dough in the oven (he must dump it after we leave, right?) and we each get a slice of bread and a coupon for a free loaf on a later visit. If there is a Great Harvest Bread near you, they almost all give tours and I highly recommend it.

Last year, after grinding the wheat, Buddy looked like this:


Cristin said...

When I lived in Provo and found out you get a free slice with every visit, I would think about stopping in there every time I was hungry - just get the free bread and leave. I'm also the type of person that will pretend to stand in line at the See's Candy store just to get the free piece of candy and then I leave the line after I've received the free piece but before I have to buy any.

Erin said...

I wanted to go to this, but didn't think I could handle it with four kids. I just really wanted the free loaf coupon! I am glad to see it was a good activity.

marta said...

no way, nancy. this is a super crazy coincidence.. i used to work at Great Harvest and met Dan through his visits!!! But I used to give those tours.. and the kids loved seeing the HUGE mixer and rolling out their own dough. that place is seriously the best. am glad to hear they're still doing tours!

Rachel Clare said...

Ah, I miss Great Harvest so much!! Maybe they'll have one in CA??

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