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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 1: Family Vacation

Friday morning Jed had finals to finish of his semester of summer school. Then we packed up the car and started on our little road trip.

Our first sort of official stop was at the Winter Quarters Temple Visitor's Center to use the bathroom and feed Baby X a bottle.

This picture is last time we were at this temple - Oct. 2005

Statue in front of the Visitor's Center - July 2008
Haven't they grown!?!

Our destination for Friday was Sioux City, Iowa to visit our good friends who moved there last year. We spent the afternoon and evening with them. They even took us to Palmer's Candy store since Sioux City is home of the Twin Bing (which I've read all about in Candyfreak). Here are some pictures from before we left this morning:

the big girls playing dress-up

the girls

the boys (not as happy)

Then in the car for hours and hours of fields of corn and soy beans and wind turbines. Oh and counties, my husband collects counties. Pictures coming soon.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, how fun that you got to go see the Wrights! We got to see them in June as well...so now I would love to see you again too, and your new baby. Ella's hair is adorable in these pictures and makes her look so grown up. Anyway, this makes me miss all our fun times with you guys and the Wrights. Let's all make plans to move to the same place so we can hang out with together with our kids again!

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