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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 3, Part 2

This was all like a dream come true for Princess Sparkley. She was giddy with happiness and running around with so much energy. It was like Christmas morning waiting to open presents. She was also very brave wanting to do everything, even if it involved talking to or getting helped by the workers. Buddy also enjoyed it all, but not on the same scale as Princess Sparkley. Baby X was a trooper. He was really really great on this whole trip.

Here are pictures of Princess Sparkley and Buddy making rope. They also made a corn cob doll/corn cob superhero and twisted hay into a hay log as kindling for a fire. The pictures of them pulling on the rope is ringing the bell at school. Buddy in the straw hat, and Princess Sparkley at the desk in the pink pioneer girl outfit are at school. The bottom right corner picture is Princess Sparkley driving the wagon to school.

The sign for the city of DeSmet says "Little Town on the Prairie."
Princess Sparkley with the graves of Ma, Pa, Mary, and Carrie.
Princess Sparkley disembarking from driving the horses before the pageant.
Before the pageant started.

Our family riding the wagon to school.


Jamie said...

Awwww! Look at the 5 of you. So cute. That sounds like a fun vacation. I didn't know that there was THAT much Little House stuff. And I thought it was in Wisconsin or something.

wendys said...

So why are ma, pa, mary and carrie all buried together? Did the girls die young, with no families? Were they moved around? I'm just assuming that you know this because you were there...

Nance said...

I was actually in the car with two sleeping boys at the cemetery. Apparently Grace is buried there as well with her husband, but is not in the fenced up part.

Grace and Carrie both grew up and married and lived the rest of their lives in the area. Mary came back from school, never married and lived with her parents and one of the married sisters. Laura and Almanzo moved to Missouri and died and were buried there. We've actually been to their house in Missouri as well. Just not the house in Kansas. Funny, since we live here.

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