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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 2 Destination: Walnut Grove, MN

Walnut Grove, MN

For $4 a car some farmer allows us to drive through his field and get to the site of the dugout on Plum Creek. This was probably the most exciting part for Princess Sparkley, so well worth the $4.

Here are the kids and Jed frolicking in Plum Creek just as Laura and Mary did years ago.

Crossing Plum Creek to the Ma and Pa's dugout.

Field my the dugout site.

Princess Sparkley trying to look like a pioneer girl. She's placed her feet so it looks like she's walking.

Site of the Ingallses' dugout.

My cute family crossing back over Plum Creek.

Back in the town of Walnut Creek.

Princess Sparkley as Laura.

Walnut Grove's very own water tower. I'm sure this wasn't around in Laura's day, but it was an interesting shape so I took its picture.


julie said...

I read your earlier post about reading (and not reading) the Little House books. I've never read them, but I am a HUGE fan of the series, and I have a burning desire to buy all of the seasons and have my girls watch them as they grow up. I haven't bought them yet, but one day soon I will. I am jealous of your road trip. How fun! By the way, I made the Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies you posted on your blog some time back, and I love them. I've made them twice. Thanks for sharing it!

Cristin said...

I love that you frolicked in Plum Creek. This would have made all my dreams come true if I went on this vacation when I was 7.

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