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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cookbook Review

I saw this book on a bunch of people's blogs when it first came out so I requested that my local library purchase it. We've tried to cut down on the number of books we purchase since running out of shelf space (I'm not sure we ever really had enough) and since Jed has been back in school full-time. So we're huge library patrons and love that they'll buy whatever book we ask them. Yea for our library!! Anyway, I finally got this book. My big complaint about cookbooks is that I want a picture of every single recipe in it. EVERY ONE. This cookbook, while cute and totally appealing to my eye in its design, is seriously lacking on the picture front. This maddens me. Plus, as much as I make desserts, I'm not a gourmet chef so I like easy recipes with simple ingredients. Not all of these recipes fall into this category. In fact, the picture on the cover, those spoons are made from shortbread. Yikes. I like quick, easy, simple and yummy.

What do I like about this cookbook? The colors, design and pages are lovely. I love that she has little sections describing things like: Phyllo, British Pudding, Whipped Cream, Egg Whites, Dutch vs. regular Cocoa, Chocolate, and basic kitchen equipment. I read through a lot of those sections and learned a bunch. I love how she threw in her own thoughts and brief stories. And the pictures that are there are lovely and look oh so yummy. Did I use the word love enough in that paragraph?

But I am returning this cookbook to the library today, and I didn't tackle a single recipe. Maybe another time.

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