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Thursday, July 03, 2008

3rd of July

picture* taken by Jed - summer of 1996
one year after the following story

I'm thinking it was the 3rd of July, but it could just have easily been the 4th that I was the second date to a baseball game with the guy I ended up marrying. You see, even though I've known Jed since we were six, we didn't really know each other until high school. And even then, with all the drama that goes into high school dating, we weren't speaking for the middle part of those four years. So at the end of our junior year I decided we needed to fix things. We'd been best friends, and I distinctly remember telling my best friend Jenny that Jed was the only guy I was myself around and that I could see myself marrying him. So, true to myself in avoiding all confrontation, I wrote him a note and left it on his truck in the school parking lot. That summer, before our senior year he was away at CalArts summer school. This is where he dyed his hair Cookie Monster blue. He wrote me letters. I think I wrote him back. I would assume so, but I don't have those saved away somewhere. He must. Man my memory stinks. Anyways, when he got back from summer school he wanted to hang out. He and some friends were going to an Angels baseball game for the firework show, back when they were the California Angels, before they were the Anaheim Angels, and definitely before they became the poorly named Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He invited me to go. I wanted to be his friend, and love baseball so I said yes. What I didn't know was the group was paired up. He was already part of a pair with a girl who totally had the hots for him. I didn't know any of this. They picked me up at my house and the seven** of us headed to Anaheim. Think an hour and a half there, a two to three hour game, and an hour and a half home. As the second date. With a girl who I'm sure was shooting daggers at me with her eyes. We had an okay time. I was quiet and shy and nervous and a little annoyed at how things were going... being the second date and all. He obviously wasn't thinking of it so much as a date or he wouldn't have asked a second girl. It was just a group of friends hanging out and he'd invited another friend he wanted to hang out with. I don't think his first date was thinking along the same lines.

Nevertheless, we had fun. We forgot where we parked the car in the giant stadium parking lot and Jed almost got run over my Gene Autry (at the time, the owner of the Angels) while trying to find the car.*** Four months later would be our first kiss. And you know how things ended up.

*Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. I can't take it out of this frame, it's been in there so long that tiny parts of the picture have glued themselves to the glass. Somewhere I have a copy of this picture and the negatives. I'll probably find it in 20 years and by then technology will have past negatives by and we'll just have a lovely negative to look at.

**I'm thinking there must have been an extra guy because we all fit into a regular car with me seated in the front middle bench seat. So six of us. One couple. One guy on his own. And Jed, me, and his other date. Still awkward.

***I make fun of him for this each and every time we park in a giant parking lot at a sporting event.

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Cristin said...

Whenever I see a picture of Jed with that smurf blue hair I think --- wow, HOT. Just kidding, it's hideous, and look, you STILL married him.

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