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Friday, June 27, 2008

Recycled Milk Jugs

It was around Earth Day this year that we started recycling. My family had curb side recycling when I was growing up, but we haven't really recycled without that added bonus of not having to drive it somewhere. Jed put Princess Sparkley and Buddy "in charge." And other than the giant pile of trash waiting to be taken to the recycling center, it hasn't been too big of a pain.

In a science lesson Princess Sparkley had in school this year she learned about what could be recycled and what it can be turned into. So yesterday while at our local toy store, I saw these and thought it was such a great idea for kids so they could see what their recycling does. Some of it seemed a little pricey, but the tea set was reasonable enough. They are all made by Green Toys and have me wishing we didn't already own a plastic tea set.

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Jamie said...

I love recycled toys. I've been trying not to get toys unless they are wooden or made in the USA and a nicer quality, but that's hard to do. I've been obsessed with not buying anything that isn't made in the USA. Hard to do. I do it with groceries/produce and then it's hard to find American made clothes as well especially maternity clothes.

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