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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Recognize these guys?

image from www.nkotb.com

When I was probably 11, I LOVED New Kids on the Block, mainly Joey McIntyre since he was closer to my age (even at, yikes, 6 years older than me according to Wikipedia, but I guess when you are 11, you are supposed to be obsessed with 17 year old boys, so that's not so bad). Thanks to this blog, I ran across footage of my formally fave boy band performing again after 15 years on the Today Show on NBC. I love that the fans are all a bunch of 30-something moms since we've all grown up, yet they were still holding "Marry Me Jordan" signs. SO Music and Lyrics, which I think I've mentioned is one of my favorite movies. Maybe because I was such a New Kids fan back in the day!

Pay attention to the fans in this video of Hugh Grant from Music and Lyrics:

Not so different from the fans waiting on the street in NY for 48 hours to be there when NKOTB performed together again.


Cristin said...

I never really did like NKOTB back in the day, but when I saw this clip, #1 - it made me feel old and #2 - I laughed hysterically! I love how they are so serious about singing these dumb songs, oh and the women!!

Erin said...

11 yrs old was my year for New Kids too. It was weird to hear those songs again.

the doze said...

I still have a slight man-crush on Joey McIntyre. Is that wrong?

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