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Monday, June 16, 2008


Baby X slept last night from 8 until 6:30. Woo hoo!!

Buddy screamed and cried and chewed on his fingers through the entire Father's Day song at church. On a better note, Princess Sparkley was happy and sang. In past years, she refused to go up at all. Hopefully we're heading that way with Buddy as well.

I turn 30 this week. T-H-I-R-T-Y! My parents just asked what I want for my birthday and I can't think of a thing. Any suggestions?

I made these for Father's Day and they were yummy... even when both teaspoons of vanilla ended up in the brownie batter because you fail to read the directions properly and have to add a third teaspoon of vanilla so the frosting gets some.

I've decided I'm going to use my Baby Bjorn carrier at church even though no one else does and I'll get weird looks. I've wanted to with each of my kids and never have. I hate carrying the car seat around, and I'm busy doing all sort of things that involve needing two available hands.

Jed often says, "Listen up life obstacles." I think it's a Simpson's reference. Last night Buddy echoed him saying, "Listen up life pop sickles." And then he and the rest of us cracked up so he said it over and over the rest of the night.

My garden is full of tiny green tomatoes and itsy bitsy cucumbers. This is awesome for me and my brown thumb.

We've survived all the terrible weather of the past few weeks. We aren't flooded even though we're like 30 feet from a small creek. Our car didn't get hailed on (I spent 45 minutes in a parking garage waiting for a hail storm that never came to pass through town two weeks ago). We weren't hit by any tornadoes. And as it gets hotter and more humid I keep thinking, "it's going to get worse, and then it'll be winter again."

Homeschooling is over for Kindergarten. We spend a busy morning doing stuff and all of a sudden this dread sets in of "we haven't done any school yet and the day is almost over" and then I remember that we're done and am relieved. But this week we need to start doing workbook pages in math and handwriting so that Princess Sparkley doesn't forget all that she's learned.

I've made jam twice. And I've sewn some burp cloths. But I still have not tackled sewing my apron that I'm so excited about. There was even a half apron in my dream last night.

I have a present for Cristin's baby that is just sitting downstairs waiting to be mailed. This is an improvement from sitting upstairs where it has been since before I had MY baby. I'm on the hunt for a book that I want to put with the present that I can't find anywhere. Argh.

We watched the movie The Jane Austen Book Club and I think I actually liked the movie better than the book. But then, I didn't love the book, so it's not saying much.


Jamie said...

I liked reading your misc. things. That's funny that Buddy screamed and cried and chewed his fingers through the song. I am freaking out about turning 30. I have another year and a half. Still freaking out though. It's a major phobia of mine to get old. I hate taking the baby carrier with me to church too. Too bulky. I wish I could use a sling, they are too awkward or something for me. You'll have to take pictures of the things that come out of your garden and show us. I pretty much despised the Jane AUsten Book Club movie. So there's some misc. thoughts from me!

Lisa said...

Hey! I just made brownies last night and frosted them with peanut butter frosting (first time making it, but I saw it on Erin's blog a while ago and then a few days ago on Velvet Lava and HAD to make them). Now that I've seen this recipe and know that I could just leave out the butter and cream (and extra calories) I'll try it this way next time.

Wear the baby carrier! Ignore weird looks. Who cares. I personally can never see too much of tiny arms and legs hanging out of carriers. Comfortable, practical, cute. What more could you want.

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