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Monday, June 09, 2008

Lost Keys

I left my keys at church yesterday and after a brief hunt, I tracked them down. When I called the person who had them, he asked, "And they're the ones with the Borders Rewards card and Hancock Fabrics card on them?" Yes. It was sort of funny to me that these keys, a huge part of my everyday life, had spent the last few hours being examined by a number of people analyzing them in attempt to figure out who they belonged to. When I got them back I looked at them and it was sort of fun to see how they've evolved over time. Essentially, somewhere on here is the first key ring I ever had with my house key on it. Then I added a car key when I could drive. And over time the keys have changed and been replace and grown in number. The grocery cards for cheaper checkouts have been changed as I've moved. And key chains have come and gone. I wish I had pictures of all the different clumps of keys I've had over the years. And in thinking that, I decided to take a picture of this set. In a few years it will have evolved again.

[house key, car key, mail key, four church keys, Hello Kitty whistle - in case of emergency, sheep - from the Highlands of Scotland- 1999, Return with Honor keychain - added in college, Hyvee video card - needs to be removed as our Hyvee has a Redbox and no video now, Hancock Fabrics card, Borders Rewards card, Dillons card, car remote control, clip.]


Cristin said...

Your key ring looks huge. Do you remember being in high school when everyone started driving and kids would walk around and loudly shake their keys to draw attention to the fact that they could drive. How dorky.

Erin said...

I am very relieved that the keys were found. I am so sorry about that. At least I have the pregnancy memory loss excuse.

Ashby Family said...

It does look big. I like to be able to fit my keys in my jeans pocket.

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