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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Learning to sew from a pattern: part 2

As I mentioned in part one, I've never sewn anything from a pattern before. I thought this would be great... I'd take things really slowly making no mistakes. And because I'm posting about it, I'd feel the need to do it and get it finished. Otherwise part 2 in real time might have taken weeks or months to get to.

Yesterday I realized I had bought the wrong amounts of the two fabrics, but didn't want the above fabric to be the main apron, just the inside and accent, so I had to rush to the store and hope they still had more I could buy. They did. Yea.

Yesterday I got all the pieces accept the ties pieced and cut.
(At least I think that's what it's called.)

Then he woke up to eat and it all came to a halt.

Plus I had helpers. Buddy "pinned" this for me.

I pinned the front part of the apron together today and sewed it... correctly.
See my helpers stuff above mine?

My helpers, hard at work "sewing."

Me, trying to figure out what to do. Sewing makes my head hurt.

Sewing the ties.

Ironing the pocket, sewn my way.

Then the big problem. I do this sort of stuff all the time. Argh! It makes me so mad.
I sewed it together wrong. See, left = wrong side, right = right side. And I did it with
both side pieces of the inside part of the apron.

Lots of seam ripping coming my way. But because I'm blogging this,
I can't just put it off for three weeks. I must rip rip rip.


What's done:
both apron ties
front of apron

What needs to be done:
back of apron ripped and resewn
jumbo sized rick rack purchased (or, in words I understand... jumbo zig zag edging)

Mistakes I've made so far:
buying the wrong amounts of the two fabrics
sewing the pocket differently than the directions said to, but I think it'll work
almost sewing the pocket shut
sewing the inside part of the apron pieces together wrong (HUGE MISTAKE)

Phone calls:
1 to my mom concerning the pocket

Internet research:
none today, a little yesterday


Jamie said...

seeing and reading all this is giving me a headache. You'll be an inspiration when you finish and show off your finished project.

Erin said...

I love the fabric. Your story sound just like my attempts to sew. But I know the end result will be so much better than my own projects.

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