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Monday, June 02, 2008

Kansas Nature

Due to a severe thunderstorm warning, the kids' swim lesson was cut 5 minutes short today. As we were leaving the pool I got a weather text message saying that the potential for quarter-size hail was 6 miles NW of town. So we hurried to the car which we'd parked by my husband's work and he told us everyone he worked with was frantically moving their cars to the parking garage down the street because they'd heard there might be baseball sized hail. We decided to follow suit but changed out mind when we saw the line of cars trying to get into the parking garage. So we headed to the only other parking garage we know of in town, the one on the college campus. It was relatively empty when we arrived but filled up slowly over the next 45 minutes or so. There was sort of a camaraderie of people watching the storm roll past. It never ended up hailing anywhere near us, but driving to that second parking garage it was raining hard enough that I could barely see out the windshield. Welcome to a Kansas summer.

Then later tonight while returning from the store I spotted this little guy on our sidewalk.

That's Princess Sparkley's tiny hand (notice the adorable crooked pinky). This is my little girl who is scared of just about all creatures, except apparently turtles and tortoises. We were at a zoo in Des Moines, IA and she reached in and touched the giant tortoises nose. Touching a caged zoo animal is probably not the greatest thing, but we were proud of her for her braveness. And now this, holding a baby turtle in her hand. This is probably the third turtle we've saved since moving to Kansas. (When I say we, I of course mean my husband. I'm not picking them up and carrying them around). At least I hope by moving them to the creek we've been saving them all. Maybe this makes us even for the turtle we ran over before moving here.

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