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Monday, June 02, 2008


So I've finally come up with an internet pseudonym for my husband. Are you ready? Drum roll please... Jed. Why, you ask. Everything I came up with was cheesey or lame. Like when we were dating in high school I called him Cutie. Or he had blue hair for awhile, again in high school, so he was Cookie Monster (maybe never to his knowledge). But I chose Jed because when we were graduating from high school and I thought I was off to Ricks College in Idaho, my nervous boyfriend (now my husband) was convinced I was going to marry an Idahoan potato farmer named Jed. I didn't end up going to Idaho. I didn't even date anyone from Idaho, let alone a potato farmer. So he's my Jed.

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Jamie said...

HA! I went to Ricks and got engaged to a local cowboy. Just think, you could be living on a potato farm right now with your kids Casper, Howdy, and Dodge. That's what the guy I dated wanted to name his kids. Scary. I loved that place though. Jed's blog cracks me up sometimes.

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