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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Honey Lemon Soda

All this hot, humid weather here in Kansas is making me thirsty. Growing up in California, I didn't experience humidity until I was about 12. It was 1990 or so and my family flew to Japan for some sightseeing when we picked my brother up from his mission for our church. The above picture is me in Japan taken with my pink Le Clic camera and 110mm film. All the other pictures with me in them are in a photo album at my parents', I'm going to have to scan them all in someday. You can see me with bangs, pre-braces, my mom with huge hair and giant bug eye sunglasses. We were at the height of hipness. Me in my white keds and rolled up sleeves. Wow. Anyways, it was so stinkin' hot and humid in Japan. And they don't have drinking fountains there. I would learn on this trip that drinking fountains, and drinking water were very American... at least at that time. About the only thing I figured out there money wise was that 20 yen or so bought me one honey lemon soda out of the vending machines scattered everywhere. My dad would hand me a stack of funny coins and I'd attack a soda machine. I loved that soda. Mmm. I wish I could find one of those around here now. I wonder if it would be as good.

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Erin said...

Japan has great beverages. I wish I had known to try that one. I never knew what to try when I was there. I remember liking a creamy milky kind of soda. They really have some different things. I wonder what has made it over here.

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