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Monday, June 09, 2008


After much yelling (me), crying (her), some fun and lots of learning, Princess Sparkley finished Kindergarten Friday. Since she's homeschooled through a virtual school program, there wasn't a whole lot of pomp and circumstance. So I had her wear Buddy's preschool graduation cap, we went swimming at the city pool for dollar night, and we went for ice cream downtown.

She's learned to add, subtract, count money, measure. She's learned about all the continents, lots of countries and a bunch of American history. She's learned about liquids, solids and gases as well as plants and animals. We've read lots of stories, answered lots of questions, drawn lots of pictures. But the most exciting, to me, and probably her, she's learned to read. I have a kindergarten graduate, a kid who reads. Crazy!


Lisa said...

Woah! Sounds like you got her through elementary and middle school as well! That's great.

I would love to homeschool but don't have the discipline to make it happen. The most I ever do is to teach my kids to read in English, but everything else they get is Polish curriculum. I've gotta get going on some U.S. history, English grammar, etc.

Jamie said...

I WANT to homeschool so bad, but I know it'll make me crazy. I'm still undecided.

I love that she has such a broad curriculum. You covered a lot of areas. Good job!

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