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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Design Flaw

Buddy spent today with his underpants on backwards. He does this now and then when he's not satisfied with the picture on his undies. You see, while the picture on the bum is cute and all, he can't see it. His solution, wear them backwards. This can't be comfortable due to the different leg cut and the fly opening, etc. Who decided to put the picture on the back of boy undies?


VAWritingQT said...

Some of the kids I work with have the problem of putting their underwear on backwards, and it just doesn't look comfortable. We even have a curriculum to teach them how to put it on correctly.

Jamie said...

There's no pictures on the front?! That's funny that he does that. And I guess it sounds like he's not the only one. :)

Nance said...

These specific undies pictured do have a picture on the front... a little superman shield. But that's not really a picture, it's a tiny symbol. And it's his Nascar race car ones he ALWAYs wears backwards because in the front is the little Nascar word icon, which means nothing at all to him, and on the back is a huge race scene. But he does own some Lightening McQueen undies with absolutely nothing in the front. Boring.

Cristin said...

Very good point. They really should put a big picture of a face, i.e., superman's face, looking up at the child. That would be encouraging.

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