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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Can someone please clear up my confusion?

I don't understand the difference between a green onion, a chive and a scallion.

Or Jam and Jelly.


wendys said...

Here is my thinking...

a green onion and scallion are the same thing but chives do not have the bulbous white end like an onion.

Jelly usually has more pectin to make it firmer and often is strained of real fruit and seeds, leaving just jellied fruit juice. Jam is usually the whole fruit, seeds and all smooshed up.

I didn't look up the answers but that's what I think!

Lisa said...

I think wendys is right. Chives are also skinnier and their taste is a bit milder.

I think jelly is generally made with juices--and TONS of extra sugar.

I like your blog.

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